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Research Center of Modeling, Optimization and Simulation



Research Projects

  • Achieving Performance through Models in Parallel Computing
    • Domains: parallel and distributed programming, patterns and skeletons
    • People: V. Niculescu, D. Bufnea, A. Sterca, F. Loulergue
  • Performance Benchmarking for Big Data Architectures
    • Domains: Big Data, DataBases
    • People: I. Ciuciu, C. Andor, D. Rus
  • Iterative Algorithms in Fixed Point Theory and Optimization
    • Domains:Nonlinear Analysis, Optimization Theory
    • People: A. Petrusel, M.A. Şerban, N. Popovici
  • Transfer Phenomena in Fluid and Porous Media
    • Domains:Fluid mechanics, Parallel programming, Computational fluid dynamics
    • People: T. Grosan, V. Niculescu
  • Personalized query suggestion algorithms for information retrieval
    • Domains:Information retrieval, Web programming
    • People: A. Sterca, I. Badaranza
  • Multimedia streaming and image processing
    • Domains:Multimedia streaming, Image processing
    • People: A. Sterca, D. Bufnea, V. Niculescu, M. Danelutto
  • Web Related Quality Aspects
    • Domains:Informations systems, Web programming
    • People: D. Bufnea, C.I. Coste, V. Niculescu

PhD Research Projects

  • Andor Camelia
    • Title: Big Data Modeling
    • PhD Supervisor: Pârv Bazil
  • Sima Ioan
    • Title: Protein Folding Simulation
    • Domain: Bioinformatics
    • PhD Supervisor: Pârv Bazil
  • Imre Zsigmond
    • Title:  Dynamic achievement systems
    • PhD Supervisor: Pârv Bazil
  • Radu Gheorghica
    • Domain: Parallel and distributed programming
    • PhD Supervisor: Pârv Bazil