Decision Support Solution for Risk Management and Customer Attrition at BT Direct

Through this project we answer the challenges that our partner is actually facing by using Analytics methods. This will allow the company to efficiently and intelligently manage the informational resources that it owns.

The project has four main objectives, derived from the actual needs of the company:
• Client behavior analysis and building models for client attrition;
• Building scoring models for the loaning activity;
• Bulding models for risk management regarding loans (estimating the default probability according to capital requirements).
• The analysis of client behavior patterns

This project will exploit the computational resources held by the university and the company in order to implement and validate this new solution for the company. Our aim is to increase the value of the marketing campaigns. Considering the large number of company ’s clients (over 2 millions), adopting Big Data (MapReduce) solutions mandatory. This will lead to a more effective execution of the company ’s business processes.

Now, the company is externalizing this process, so there is a great interest in building and having a proprietary solution for credit scoring. This will allow the improvement of the actual solution.

Through the knowledge transfer provided by this project we aim at increasing the knowledge and understanding of the company ’s clients and reducing the associated risk, finally leading to an increased competitiveness of the company on the market.