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AWD Projects 2016-2017


This site was created by Dobrean D. Dragos Laurentiu and was presented on Monday 22 May 2017.

You can see this company-site at

Technical details

  • Estimated work-time (in hours): 48
  • Number of pages: 5
  • Browser Support: Internet Explorer Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Safari Mobile, Android
  • Responsiveness and/or adaptability: It is responsive.
  • Validity: HTML valid. CSS valid.

Additional utilities that have been used

  • Preprocessors: - -
  • CSS libraries for layout: owl.carousel.css, owl.theme.css, owl.tra
  • Frameworks: Bootstrap
  • Fonts: Google Fonts: Open Sans

Optimization elements

  • HTML structure: Separate CSS from JS files. Include JS file at the bottom of HTML.
  • CSS libraries for layout: none
  • Images: Fonts for Icons. - -

Other details

  • Responsiveness elements: Resizabel content and images with JavaScript libraries
  • Personal contributions: Modified CSS for new layout Integrated

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