AWD Projects 2016-2017


This site was created by Alexis Puret and was presented on Monday 22 May 2017.

You can see this blog-site at , or at

Technical details

  • Estimated work-time (in hours): 45
  • Number of pages: 4
  • Browser Support: Desktop( ie10+, chrome22+, Opera 11.6+, Firefox 16+ ); Mobile( iOS5+, Android 2.3+, Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 );
  • Responsiveness and/or adaptability: It is responsive. It is progressive enhanced. It is adaptive.
  • Validity: CSS valid. Accessibility valid.

Additional utilities that have been used

  • Preprocessors: SASS - -
  • CSS libraries for layout:
  • Frameworks: angular2
  • Fonts: Google Fonts: Chewy, Margarine
  • Other: I think angular wasn't the best choice for this project, I had to chose another framework like Jekyll, or do it myself, because on angular2 i cannot really control the final page generated. But i trained on angular, I learned new things anyway.

Optimization elements

  • HTML structure: Separate CSS from JS files. Include JS file at the bottom of HTML.
  • CSS libraries for layout: none
  • Images: pngcrush - -

Other details

  • Personal contributions: All css, pictures (github, bitbucket, video, linkedin, mail) are made by me.

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