Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
Study Cycle: Graduate


MPM0001 Practice-Training
Hours: C+S+L
Applied Mathematics
Teaching Staff in Charge
Prof. PETRUSEL Adrian Olimpiu, Ph.D.,
Assoc.Prof. SOOS Anna, Ph.D.,
- to introduce the student in the atmosphere of a secondary or high school
- to get the skils of individual and colective work on a specialized theme under the guidance of the scientific coordinator and the tarining partner
- to realize, on the basis of a certain program or documentation, a requested product
1. to present the theme and to settle down the task of each student.
2. To develop the details of the project.
3. to analyse the components of the project or application.
4. to project the activities involved.
5. to implement and to test the activities.
6. to present the project for evaluation.
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4. B. Parv, Analiza si proiectarea sistemelor,Universitatea Babes-Bolyai, Centrul de Formare Continua si Învatamânt la Distanta, Facultatea de Matematica si Informatica, Cluj-Napoca, ed. a III-a, 2003.
5. Tambulea, L., Baze de date, Litografiat Cluj-Napoca 2001.
The evaluation consist of to follow and to mark the student for his weekly activities and to deliver in due time each component of his work. The project will be marked at the final of the training period.
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