Harmonic mappings and its directional convexity

Poonam Sharma, Omendra Mishra


For any $\mu _{j}\ (\mu _{j}\in \mathbb{C},\left\vert \mu _{j}\right\vert
=1,j=1,2)$, we consider the rotations $f_{\mu _{1}}$ and $F_{\mu _{2}}$ of
right half-plane harmonic mappings $f,F\in S_{\mathcal{H}}$ which are CHD
with the prescribed dilatations $\omega _{f}(z)=\left( a-z\right) /\left(
1-az\right) $ for some $a$ $\left( -1<a<1\right) $ and $\omega _{F}(z)=$ $
e^{i\theta }z^{n}$ $\left( n\in \mathbb{N},\theta \in \mathbb{R}\right) $, $\omega _{F}(z)=$ $\left( b-z\right) /\left( 1-bz\right) $, $\omega
_{F}(z)=\left( b-ze^{i\phi }\right) /\left( 1-bze^{i\phi }\right) $ $%
(-1<b<1,\phi \in \mathbb{R})$, respectively. It is proved that the
convolution $f_{\mu _{1}}\ast F_{\mu _{2}}\in S_{\mathcal{H}}$ and is convex
in the direction of $\overline{\mu _{1}\mu _{2}}$ under certain conditions
on the parameters involved.


harmonic functions; half-plane mappings; convexity in one direction; harmonic convolution; directional convexity

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24193/subbmath.2021.4.07


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