Viscous dissipative free convective flow from a vertical cone with heat generation/absorption, MHD in the presence of radiative non-uniform surface heat flux

Bapuji Pullepu, Rayampettai Munisamy Kannan


The problem of combined effects of heat generation/absorption and thermal radiation on unsteady,
laminar, natural convective flow with MHD, viscous dissipation from a vertical cone in
the presence of variable surface heat flux is considered here. The non-dimensional governing equations of the
flow that is transient, coupled and non-linear PDE’s are solved by an efficient,
accurate and unconditionally stable finite difference method of Crank-Nicolson type.
Numerical results of the velocity and thermal profiles are obtained and analyzed to expose the results of different values of
parameters Pr, M, n and Rd. The present results are compared with available results in literature and are found to be in excellent conformity.
The study finds important applications in hybrid solar energy systems,
 geophysical heat transfer and industrial manufacturing processes.


Cone; finite difference method; heat generation/absorption; MHD; thermal radiation; viscous dissipation; variable heat flux

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