Fekete-Szego problems for generalized Sakaguchi type functions associated with quasisubordination

Trailokya Panigrahi, Ravindra Kumar Raina


In the present paper, the authors introduce a generalized Sakaguchi
type non-Bazilevic function class M_{q}^{\lambda, \beta}(ϕ, s, t) of analytic functions involving quasi-subordination and obtain bounds for the Fekete-
Szego functional |a_{3}-\mu a_{2}^{2}|  for the functions belonging to the above and  associated classes. Some important and useful special cases of the main
results are also pointed out.


Analytic functions, subordination, quasi-subordination, Fekete-Szego inequality, Sakaguchi functions.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24193/subbmath.2018.3.05


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