"Babes-Bolyai" University of Cluj-Napoca
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

Individual Project
Hours: C+S+L
Matematică informatică
Teaching Staff in Charge
Prof. POP Horia Florin, Ph.D.,  hfpopcs.ubbcluj.ro
Lect. PREJMEREAN Vasile, Ph.D.,  percs.ubbcluj.ro
Lect. LAZAR Ioan, Ph.D.,  ilazarcs.ubbcluj.ro
Asist. TARTA Adriana Mihaela,  adrianacs.ubbcluj.ro
Asist. CHISALITA-CRETU Maria Camelia,  cretucs.ubbcluj.ro
Asist. MIHIS Andreea Diana,  mihiscs.ubbcluj.ro
Asist. PETRASCU Dragos,  petrascucs.ubbcluj.ro
Asist. PETRASCU Vladiela,  vladics.ubbcluj.ro
- To complete a significant (Pascal or C ++) program, going through all programming activities (specification, design, coding, verification of these activities, validation, and documetation)
- To elaborate a clear and complete documentation, and to respect the schedule of a project.
- Each student recieves a project, that must be finished going through all known steps: specification, design, coding, verification (inspecting all phases, testing) and validation.
- A documentation for each above mentioned activity must be written
- Also, a documentation for possible users must be provided
1. FRENTIU, M., I.LAZĂR, Bazele Programării: Proiectarea Algoritmilor, 2000, Ed. Univ. Petru Maior, Tg.Mureş 184 pagini
2. FRENTIU, M., I.LAZĂR, S. MOTOGNA, V. PREJMEREAN, Elaborarea algoritmilor, Ed. Presa Universitara, Clujeana, Cluj-Napoca, 1998, 188 pagini.
3. FRENTIU, M., I.LAZĂR, S. MOTOGNA, V. PREJMEREAN, Programare Pascal, Ed. Presa Universitara, Univ. "Babes- Bolyai" Cluj-Napoca, 1998, 392 pagini,
4. LUPEA I., M.LUPEA, Limbajul C. Teorie şi aplicaţii. Editura Casa Cărţii de ştiinţă, Cluj-Napoca 1998.
5. FRENTIU, M., Verificarea corectitudinii programelor, Ed.Univ. Petru-Maior, Tg.Mureş, 2001.

Grading will be done for every step from the following table, the grade of the semester activity being their average (grade A). Any documentation step not delivered will be graded with 1. If the delivering of a document is done later than scheduled, the grade will be diminished by the number of delay weeks.
For the program correctness and completeness, at the moment of program validation a second grade will be given (grade V). This grade takes into account the realized documentation and the correspondence between the original specification, the project documentation and the final product.
During the last week each student will deliver the whole documentation set. The documentation written during the semester, as well as the source code and the users guide, both in electronic format, will be handed over to the coordinating faculty member (stated at the beginning of this document) and will be graded (grade D). No delays are accepted, the lack of documentation having as a consequence failure to promote this course. The grades corresponding to non-promotions for this reason will be marked in the official exam catalogue in the first day of the examination session!
The final grade will be computed as follows: Final grade = (A + V + D)/3
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