"Babes-Bolyai" University of Cluj-Napoca
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

Statistics with applications in Biology and Economics
Hours: C+S+L
Matematică Aplicată
Teaching Staff in Charge
Prof. BLAGA Petru, Ph.D., pblaga@cs.ubbcluj.ro
Knowledge of some moderns methods of mathematical statistics oriented to soft product (Statgraphics and Matlab).
1. Normal distribution:
Confidence limits and test hypotheses for mean, variance,
difference of means and ratio of variances.
Comparing two sample of equal size.
2. Parametric and non-parametric tests.
3. Regression:
Linear regression. Mathematical model in liniar regression.
Method of least squares. Analysis of variance for linear regression.
Estimations and predictions. Confidence intervals. Tests of
4. Multiple linear regression:
Estimation of coefficients. Method of least squares. Variances and
covariances of the regression coefficients. Examination of
residuals. Standard errors of predicted values. Analysis of
variance. Confidence intervals and tests of hypotheses.
5. Analysis of variance (ANOVA):
One-way classification. Testing the equality of means.
Equation of analysis of variance. ANOVA with unequal
error variances. Multiple comparisons. Testing the equality of
variances. Samples of unequal sizes.
Two-way classification. ANOVA without replications. ANOVA in a
balanced two-way layout with replications. Two-way ANOVA under
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