Application procedure and required documents for the admission to the bachelor’s level at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, 2023

Candidates register online on the admission platform (the link will be active later).

Candidates are responsible for the correct uploading to the platform or sending all the specified documents from the Regulations for Admission to Studies at the Babeș-Bolyai University (approved by the Resolution of the University Senate No. 17907 dated 14.12.2020, with subsequent amendments and additions based on the Resolution of the University Senate No. 14/15.02.2021), signed and scanned if necessary. Candidates assume responsibility for the authenticity and correspondence of the digitized/scanned documents with the originals, which will later be added to the applicant's file, accompanied by a written and signed statement. The scanned documents for the application to the bachelor's programs are:

  1. Application form filled out on the admission platform.
  2. Personal sheet of the applicant
  3. Baccalaureate diploma or an equivalent certificate (scanned on both sides) indicating the Baccalaureate average and the grade obtained in the Baccalaureate examination in Mathematics or Computer Science; Baccalaureate graduates of the class of 2023 may submit a standardized certificate instead of the Baccalaureate diploma, confirming the passing of the Baccalaureate examination. This certificate must compulsorily show the average of the Baccalaureate examination and the grade obtained in Mathematics or Computer Science.
  4. Matriculation sheet (for diplomas accompanied by a matriculation sheet, scanned on both sides).
  5. Birth certificate - scanned
  6. Identity card - scanned
  7. If applicable, a scanned marriage certificate
  8. A medical certificate (scanned) issued by a family doctor or a school doctor certifying that the applicant is medically fit to pursue higher education studies
  9. The admission fee must be paid online on the admission platform only
  10. Language proficiency certificate (if it is part of the list approved by the Rectorate of the university) or Baccalaureate language proficiency certificate, provided that 3 of the 5 grades are at least B2, for candidates opting for university studies organized in an international language.
    1. If the candidate has in the list of options more than one specialization taught in a foreign language, he/she must submit a certificate of language proficiency for each foreign language.
    2. Candidates taking the written test in English or German will not need a certificate of language proficiency in that language.
    3. Candidates who do not take the written test (where facilities apply) will need a certificate of language proficiency in the language(s) of the programs of study in their list of options.
    4. Language certificates can also be obtained from the Babeș-Bolyai University Centers:
      1. ALPHA Center ( and
      2. LINGUA Center (
  11. For candidates who have a Baccalaureate diploma obtained before the current year
    1. High school graduates with a /baccalaureate diploma obtained before the current year must submit a written statement (Annex 2) showing their academic background in the Romanian state university education.
    2. Candidates who are students or former students and who are applying to the admission to attend a second university:
      1. Certificate(s) attesting the number of years of tuition-free or tuition-paying years occupied in the Romanian university system and showing that they have paid the university fees up to date and have no debts to the University.
      2. Bachelor's degree or equivalent diploma for candidates wishing to attend a second university - scanned on the reverse side
  12. Certificate showing the fulfillment of the conditions for tuition fee exemption (employees and children of employees of the Babeș-Bolyai University, of the Central University Library, of the Botanical Garden, and the University restaurants and cafeterias, children of teaching and auxiliary teaching staff in active service or retired from the university and pre-university educational institutions, candidates orphaned by both parents and candidates from placement centers) as well as proof of exemption from the processing fee (in the case of candidates orphaned by both parents and candidates from placement centers). The attestation must be dated on or before the registration period for the admission competition. The submission of the certificate and fee waiver after the admission competition registration has been completed is not accepted.
  13. Diploma with the prize obtained or diploma of participation for candidates benefiting from the facilities granted to Olympians or participants in competitions. If a diploma is not in Romanian, it will be translated by an authorized translator. The original diploma and the translation will be scanned into a single PDF document.
  14. For candidates opting for the reserved places for the Roma ethnic group:
    1. A recommendation from a legally constituted Roma organization, irrespective of its field of activity, stating that the person concerned is a member of the Roma ethnic group and not that he/she is a member of that organization, and
    2. Standard application form for the Roma ethnic group; further information about this category is here.
  15. For applicants opting for the places reserved for candidates from the special protection system (placement). To apply to the university, candidates from the social protection system must submit documents proving their inclusion in this category and a standard application form. Further information about this category is here.
  16. For candidates from the European Union or from countries belonging to the European Economic Area and the Swiss Confederation (including Romanian citizens, with Romanian identity cards but who have completed their studies in another country) proof of equivalence of studies. For equivalence, you will have to contact the UBB International Cooperation Centre ( Also, for admission to the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, the equivalence of grades obtained abroad must be done via the UBB General Secretariat - KOZMA KIS Elisabeta Edita Tel: +40-0264-405300, int. 5105, e-mail: