Kernel methods and semi-supervised learning

(short course)


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Programming exercises

  1. Implement the (kernel) kNN algorithm (for binary classification).
  2. Implement the (kernel) centroid algorithm (for binary classification).
  3. Create two functions: one for transforming a kernel (Gram) matrix to a (squared) distance matrix and another one for the inverse process (distance -> kernel).
  4. Using the linear, polynomial and Gaussian kernels try your classification algorithms on the above datasets.
  5. Implement the Floyd-Warshall algorithm.
  6. Construct kNN and eps-NN graphs using the Floyd-Warshall algorithm and then build kernels from these graphs. Test the classifiers.
  7. Implement the (kernel) k-means clustering algorithm.
  8. Implement the neighborhood kernel.
  9. Implement the bagged cluster kernel.
  10. Test the classifiers using these kernels.

Matlab/Octave solutions