Studia Informatica
Volume XXXIX, Number 3 (1994)
pp. 83 - 94

Logical Grammars as a Tool for Studying Logic Programming

D. Tatar

Abstract. The paper defines a new operational semantics for logic programs, which is based on framework of formal languages and on interpretations containing possibly non-ground atoms. The soundness and completness are shown to hold. Thus, some folklore results in formal languages can be utilized for improvement of logic programs.

Rezumat. - Gramatici logice ca instrument in studiul programarii logice. Articolul defineste o noua semantica operationala a programelor logice, semantica bazata pe limbaje formale si pe interpretari care pot contine atomi cu argumente variabile. Este demonstrata corectitudinea si completitudinea acestei semantici. In acest mod, anumite rezultate bine cunoscute in teoria limbajelor formale pot fi utilizate in studiul programelor logice.

AMS Subject Classifications. 68Q50, 68Q55, 68T27

Studia Universitatis "Babes-Bolyai" Cluj - Napoca