Subjects taught this semester (NOTE: Laboratory attendance is mandatory!):

MLR5007: Operating Systems 1
(Sisteme de Operare 1)

MLE5007: Operating Systems 1
(en: Operating Systems 1)

MLG5007: Operating Systems 1
(Betriebssysteme 1)

MLG5015: Web Programming

Web Technologies on Client-Side
(Tehnologii Web Client-Side),

Current teaching


My current research focuses on e-learning, web mining and semantic web (more specific: formal concept analysis). I am always looking for students (undergraduate, MSc and PhD) to work with. I have also research posibilities related to the physics domain. If you are interested please e-mail me.

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*Students are asked to write from @scs.ubbcluj.ro

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30 Mar 2019

Get details about internship (practică) here: https://www.cs.ubbcluj.ro/~practica/.

6 June 2018

The second Adaptive Web Design optional course ended. There were 185 students registered from the 5 sections on the first and second year of master.
Here are the resulting projects from the students of 1st year of master, and from the students of 2nd year of master.

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