Recent work

Created: October 2012
Materials: soft pastels
Size: A3
commissioned by a friend

Past work

The story: This hobby started abruptly while I was in highschool, when I worked only by pictures and photographs. Then, while I was stundent at the university I also worked on still life studies, live models and from imagination. I also did some works during the PhD research in Ireland. There I purchased documentation and materials (brushes, pastels) that I used only in 2012! :) After we returned from Ireland, I've stopped drawing. I re-started in 2012 when I drew togheter with my daughter. :) My son also started drawing and painting! :)

Regarding the materials I used I went from pencil to charcoal up to the year 2003. Then, in 2012 I directly started with soft pastels. I than tried oil pastels and I've also did works in which I used both oil and soft pastel on paper and on canvas. From 2013 I started using acrylic because of the one project that I've started that could not be done with pastels, as I intended. :)


Some drawings were commissioned by my friends or family.

A4 soft pastel Labrador A4 soft pastel Eagle

Other drawings became presents after they were created.

A4 soft pastel Water and Fire A4 soft pastel Rose

I created some of them as birthday presents.

A4 soft pastel Cats

I start giving my drawings to friends and I enjoyed that too.

A4 soft pastel Koi Fish

I started using soft pastels and I enjoyed it.

A4 soft pastel Dragons

2000-2003 ... during PhD research

... still life studies ...

still life study

I started drawing more rarely. ... after magazines ...

draw after magazine

... while in university

I even got out in the nature.

still life study

I started drawing still life. It was really rewarding working with three-dimensional models.

still life study still life study

I took only one lesson from a professor of the faculty of art. Here is the result:

still life study

While visiting Timisoara, I purchased a book with caricatures made by Jean Mulatier, and I made some drawings after them:

drawing after Jean Mulatier's caricatures drawing after Jean Mulatier's caricatures drawing after Jean Mulatier's caricatures

I continued by drawing after magazine pictures.

drawing by magazine picture drawing by magazine picture drawing by magazine picture

The begining ... while in highschool

It all started in a rainy day when I was returning from school I felt an urge to start drawing. So I started by drawing after photographs (see my brothers).

drawing of my brothers