This site was created by Sanda-Maria Dragoş and a initial version was presented on Tuesday 21 May 2013 to the Web Design and Optimisation 1st contest.

This site uses:

  • inuit.css mainly for the fluid layout and the CSS files preprocessed with SASS,
  • bootstrap for the menu,
  • IcoMoon for creating the font containing all the icons used (the first version had many icons, which were removed),
  • and Web Fonts: Mathilde and Philosopher.

For optimization, there were used minified CSSs, fonts for icons, all the JavaScript files were included at the bottom of the HTML code, and pngcrush for optimizing the images.

For more details you can also read the "humans.txt" file:

      /* SITE */
	Site_Owner: Sanda-Maria Dragoş
	Job: Lecturer
	Institution: "Babeş-Bolyai" University  
	Last update: 2014/06/20
        Timezone: Bucharest
	Language: English
	Doctype: HTML5
        Standards: HTML5, CSS3,..
        Semantics: Microdata, OpenGraph
        Components: Inuit, Bootstrap, Modernizr, jQuery, etc.
        Tools: PHP, SASS
        IDE: Sublime Text
  Writer: Sanda-Maria Dragoş
  e-mail: sanda[at]cs[dot]ubbcluj[dot]ro
  From: Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, Romania

/* THANKS */
	My colleague: Diana Haliță
	From: Mathematics and Computer Science Faculty, "Babeş-Bolyai" University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
	For: her continuous feedback

	My students: Popescu Teodora, Precup Cristina, Caia Andreea
	From: "Web Design and Optimisation" lecture, Mathematics and Computer Science Faculty, "Babeş-Bolyai" University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
	For: their proposals on structure 

	Visitors: All
	From: from around the world	

  	humans.txt : 
  	For: the idea of humans.txt