eProCord Project

Figure1 Figure2
eProCords project structure Educational trajectory of patients
Figure3_upd Figure4_upd
Occurence of CVD diseases over age intervals Occurence of CVD diseases over age intervals
Figure5 Figure6
Obesity scale Combined scaling of the many-valued attributes Gender and Abdominal Circumference.
Figure7 Figure8
Dichotomic scale of cardiovascular disease occurence Number of subjects having ICAM values between 100 and 300
Figure9 Figure10
ToscanaJ browsing scenarios: Obesity-Diabetes-Age ToscanaJ browsing scenarios: Obesity-Diabetes-Age; zooming into the Obesity node
Figure11 Figure12
Correlation Obesity – Diabetes mellitus – Age conceptual map Correlation Diabetes mellitus – HOMA values nested conceptual map
Correlation CVD – HOMA values nested conceptual map.