Software implementation of Online Gaussian Processes

The software is written as a Matlab package. It is based on the NETLAB toolbox developed by Ian Nabney. To download and install NETLAB, see

The software is downloadable in a zipped format (tgz extension, it is tar-ed and gzipped (should work both on unix/linux and windows) can be downloaded:
The following pages provide further information about the software (also available on the left-frame):

Installation instructions and implementation isssues

A brief technical summary of installing and compatibility with earlier matlab versions.

Reference manual

A hypertext documentation of the matlab code is available within these pages. This documentation lists the files included in the current release (files identical to those in ogphelp.tgz).

Demo program

A "Hello world"-style demo program is provided which gives an example of the initialisation, training, and inference using this package. This can be the starting point for applying the software to a particular data-set.

Extending the package

Two possibilities of extending the package are presented. The user can insert a custom kernel function and similarly can design a custom likelihood.

Questions, comments, suggestions: contact Lehel Csató.