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Enthusiastic leader and critical thinker, Valentin is always focused on taking the next step towards business understanding and development. Valentin Filip INVESTOR
Paul is easily triggered by anything startup-related. He co-founded several startups, pitched, raised investment and graduated two acceleration programmes.

As co-founder and CEO of Around25 he is currently helping founders all over the world to build scalable products and self-sustaining teams.
Paul Chirilă INvestor | CEO | Founder
Leading cross-department and cross-georgraphy strategic projects in UiPath. Part of a a brilliant team of professionals that aim to improve current aspects and also to look forward and prepare the company for upcoming challengers.

Specialties: management, negotiation, management consulting, M&A, strategy, due diligence, commercial audits, business development, deal review and modeling, sales compensation, multi-element international deals, revenue recognition, software tax code, P&L analysis, international business, travel and hospitality.
Andrei Roth BUSiness consultant image
Technology enthusiast that runs away from stupidity and enjoys the simple life of the cloud era. Speaker, traveller and crafter, he is a wine and coffee lover Radu Vunvulea Software Engineer | Speaker Trainer
Dupa experienta la mai multe companii de tehnologie mari, am decis sa ma axez sa ajut start-urile sa implementeze si scaleze produse software. In prezent conduc o echipa de dezvoltare software si am lucrat cu zeci de startup-uri la inceput de drum sau in perioada de crestere! Cosmin Rusu Founder | Lead Engineer
Georgina Lupu Florian este CEO si fondatoare a Wolfpack Digital, o agentie premiata care dezvolta aplicatii web si mobile pentru clienti din sanatate, finante, transport etc. Mentoreaza activ startupuri, e co-fondatoare a Women in Tech Cluj, si e membru in Consiliul Director al clusterului Transilvania IT. Georgina Lupu Florian CEO | Founder image
Startup Founder in love with my customer's problems and building a world as I envision it.
A doer with extensive experience in marketing and product management.
Experience in working with Apple, Google, DHL, Electrolux, IT companies, and NGOs.
In love with human psychology, emphatic, public speaker, and striving every day to be a better human, leader, sister, partner, and daughter.
Petruța Țuligă FOUNDER | CEO
I am one of the lucky people to do what they love to do, to fuel my passion for technology. Slowly I moved from building things and discovering new technical challenges by myself, to build teams and work with them to do this together. And more interesting I discovered a real sense of personal accomplishment by sharing what I know with the others. Writing articles, speaking at events, mentoring, trainings are things which I never thought I would love to do, but definitely are completing my passion for technology. Bogdan Mureșan VP of technology
10+ years of proven experience as a Project Owner and Project Manager in hardware and software product development
200+ Project Management Manuals prepared
100+ start-ups, companies or NGO’s mentored in the field of Business and Project Management
500+ prototypes and projects managed
8+ years experience in building consumer products following Agile principles
Cristiana Bogățeanu business mentor| management trainer | investor
Stock Exchange Enthusiast | Angel Investor | Business Mentor | Startup Advisor | Traveler | Nature Addicted | Father | Giver Florin M. Pop INVESTOR
Driven to help startups. I'm all about tech startups and support programs.
Startup founder. Product Manager. Community organiser.
Focus: early-stage tech products, customer development, product-market fit
Mircea Vădan investor
As Managing Director of the Capgemini Engineering Romania I am passionate about integrating talented technology professionals into our team, aiming at an inclusive and sustainable future.

I strongly believe that digital transformation should benefit all of humanity and together with the Romanian team we are committed to ensuring an active and responsible role within the communities where we live and work, so that nobody is left behind or excluded.
Dan Koblicska Country Director image
Cristian is a Senior UX/UI Designer & Head of Design at Wolfpack Digital. With 7+ years of experience in designing and building meaningful digital experience across multiple industries, Cristian puts quality and data-driven choices at the forefront of what he does. Cristian Vîrciu UX/UI Expert
Experienced Marketing Director with a demonstrated history of working in the hospitality industry. Skilled in Negotiation & Sales, Marketing Management, Integrated Marketing and Advertising. Strong marketing professional with a Journalism focused in Faculty of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences from Babeș-Bolyai University. Dafina Suciu marketing specialist
Tudor are experiență în înființarea a 3 afaceri în diverse domenii (servicii, software, retail) și a fost mentor în programe de incubare din Cluj-Napoca si Amsterdam. Este certificat în metode de inovare precum Lean Startup si Design Thinking, cu o diplomă în Business Innovation obținută în Olanda. Mihai Tudor consultant | Trainer | mentor image
I'm a personal development trainer with a soft spot for self-discovery and self-awareness. I've spent the last 10 years learning about the human mind from various different perspectives, both academically and experientially.

Public Speaking & Communication, Personality types, Attachment Styles, Conflict Management, Psychodrama, and Neuroscience are all topics that I am deeply passionate about.
Teodora Paucean Co-Founder | Better Speech Coach
Cosmin e Operations Lead intr-un start-up health-education din Oxford si deseori vorbeste cu companii mici sa le ajute in dezvoltarea strategiei business. In trecut, Cosmin a fost co-fondator si CEO la MIRA Rehab, un start-up health-tech cu sediul in Londra. Cosmin Mihaiu CO-Founder | Operations Lead
Andrei Ciceu, un programator din Cluj-Napoca, deschide lunar între 10.000 şi 15.000 de conturi noi în aplicaţia SoferOnline, destinată celor care se pregătesc pentru examenul auto.

Interests: technology, software development, people, psychology, business, life.
Andrei Ciceu CTO| ENgineer image
Head of Marketing Google & YouTube RO
Tech Advisor and Angel Investor/ Starter at Accel
Dan Oros Head of Marketing | Angel investor