"Babes-Bolyai" University of Cluj-Napoca
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

Computational Algebra
Hours: C+S+L
Teaching Staff in Charge
Lect. SACAREA Cristian, Ph.D.,  csacareamath.ubbcluj.ro
Lect. SZANTO Csaba Lehel, Ph.D.,  szantomath.ubbcluj.ro
An introduction to Computational Algebra by a survey of applications of algebraic algorithms in Cryptography, Coding Theory and Conceptual Knowledge Processing and Representation.
1. Notions of algorithms complexity. The O notation, classes of complexity.
2. Congruences and residue classes. Euclid's algorithm, Euler's function, Chinese remainder theorem, quadratic residues, Legendre's symbol.
3. Primality tests. Fermat, Solovay-Strassen and Miller-Rabin primality tests, deterministic tests.
4. Factorization methods. Elementary methods, Rho method, factor bases method, continued fractions method, quadratic sieve method. Applications to Cryptography.
5. Polynomials over finite fields. Finite fields, discret logarithm, irreducible polynomials, Berlekamp's algorithm of polynomial factorization. Applications to Cryptography.
6. Other algorithms. Fast addition, fast Fourier transform.
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