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Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

Query Optimization in Distributed Databases
Hours: C+S+L
Optimizarea modelelor informatice - în limba magh.
Teaching Staff in Charge
Assoc.Prof. VARGA Viorica, Ph.D.,  ivargacs.ubbcluj.ro
Distributed databases are very important in storing data today. The course objective is the presentation of data storing and query processing concepts in distributed databases.
1. Base concepts in distributed databases: fragmentation, replication, etc.
2. Storing data in distributed databases
3. The structure of physical database, file organizations, the structure of distributed database catalog.
4. Index techniques (ISAM, hash, tree indexes, etc.).
5. The implementation of the SQL commands.
6. Algorithms for the implementation of relational algebra operations: selection, projection, join (nested loop, indexed nested loop, merge join), etc.
7. The phases of query processing in distributed databases.
8. Query optimization in centralized relational databases.
9. Data localization of distributed data.
10. Algorithms for query optimization in distributed databases.
11. The cost model for evaluation of query processing.
12. Query optimization in System R si R *.
13. A stochastic model of distributed query optimization, solving with constructive and evolutive method.
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V. Varga, Interogarea bazelor de date distribuite, Casa Cărţii de Ştiinţă, Cluj-Napoca,

50% from the final mark is the mark from a project for implementing a simple distributed DBMS
50% from the final mark is the mark from a written test.
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